Patrick C. Cunningham
Senior Adviser & Co-Chair Healthcare Advancement Lab
Chicago Life Sciences Consortium
222 S. Riverside Plaza (Suite 1900) Chicago, IL, USA 60606

The Chicago Life Sciences Consortium is committed to the realization of Chicago’s potential as the nation’s leading biotech and medical hub. Our mission is to stimulate significant investment, research, and education by bridging the private, public, and NGO sectors in Chicago. CLSC is accomplishing this goal by fostering communication and collaboration between Chicago’s academic, medical, business, and investment organizations.

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Subject matter expertise speaking engagements:

World Congress 2nd Annual Integrated Delivery Systems Leadership Summit – Keynote Address

Keynote Address: Contemplating New Players in the Health Care Industry — How Disruptors, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs are Changing the Game

by Patrick Cunningham and Dr. James Gillespie

IFPW CEO Roundtable – Featured Speaker

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

Perspectives from Biotech and Specialty Manufacturers on Wholesalers: Insights, Trends, and Strategies

by Patrick Cunningham and Dr. James Gillespie