Air Quality Sensors

These micro-controller air quality sensors were designed as part of a collaboration with Landon Bone Baker Architects and BickerDike Redevelopment Corporation. The sensors measure Ozone, Temperature/Humidity, Solvent Vapors, and Natural Gas. Data is remotely updated to server for graphing via wireless communication and 3G connectivity.


1. How can Landon Bone Baker Architects measure air quality to compare LEED cerftified vs. non-LEED certified building materials and their impact on health?

2. How can they engage high school residents and interns around environmental issues, air quality, and health as part of a summer program?


1. I designed and built prototype microcontroller air quality sensors using open source hardware and industrial sensors (this process started in 2010 when there was not much on the market for real time indoor air quality sensing) that uploaded data online so staff and students could check data remotely.

2. I also developed hands-on curriculum for students to learn about electrical engineering and how to build the sensors as well as data visualization and resident engagement. For more in-depth information about the curriculum, visit the Intro Sense page.